Driveway pavers for your home adds safety, durability, aesthetic appeal and increases the value of your home. Pavers for your driveway are much stronger than concrete and overall a better option. 


Pavers are a great option for your home’s patios, backyards and walkways. They are not only beautiful, but also strong and durable providing a long lasting area to enjoy.

Retaining Walls & Firepits

The reason you'd want to build a retaining wall on your property would be to prevent soil and debris from constantly spilling down onto your landscape. 




Our company was established upon the belief to invest in quality. The focus on quality is what allows us to provide the ultimate transparency in pricing as an honest business. We equip our professionals with the proper tools & knowledge in order to produce the most detailed results in every project. You can expect the highest customer service satisfaction in the industry.

Five reasons to choose concrete pavers over other options

  • Attractiveness - Many homeowners consider pavers a much more attractive way to go than asphalt and poured concrete. Concrete pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They can easily be put into patterns that complement the architectural style of your home. 

  • Durability - Concrete pavers should maintain their beauty and strength for a number of years when installed correctly. Other pavements, such as asphalt or poured concrete, typically experience shorter lives. 

  • Maintenance - Concrete pavers are easier to maintain and last longer without needing to be repaired. If a concrete paver becomes stained or broken, it can be easily replaced individually without patches.

  • Property Value - A higher property value can be a real asset when the time comes to sell your home. Prospective buyers always see the outside of a house before the inside. They are sure to fall in love with the exterior before even entering the house when they see the beautiful pavestone walkways, patios and pool areas. Because of the increased value, you will be able to easily recoup the cost of pavers when you are ready to sell your home.

  • Safety - Pavers provide a safe, slip-resistant surface for pedestrian, vehicular and pool projects.


Kingsland LLC is Maryland's reliable paving stones contractor. Unlike general contractors, we specialize solely in Interlocking Concrete Paving. This means that our specially trained professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide the best results and the highest satisfaction rate. 

Guiding Principles:


Customer Satisfaction
  Transparent Pricing
Quality Control


Paver installation is a complex and detailed process and not all paving contractors follow the same guidelines. At Kingsland we disclose our complete process so you know you’re getting the very best in quality and craftsmanship right from the start. 

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to deliver artisan craftsmanship in all of our paver projects by following a carefully developed and detailed installation process.

This includes detailed planning, thorough site inspections, utility detection and marking, precise excavation and the use of high quality paver materials (including paving stones and joint sand, stabilizer and sealant) that will result in a quality, long-lasting paver project.
Our attention to detail guarantees paver projects that look as stunning as they are sturdy and strong. 


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